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A family story

The history of the company is inextricably linked to that of our family, and to the love passed down for this land. The common thread between generations is represented by the refusal to use synthetic chemistry in the soil, a choice that has always guided our activity, allowing us to preserve and promote biodiversity.


Today the Clara Marcelli farm extends over 40 hectares, of which only 10 are under vineyards; the rest is cultivated with arable land, olive groves and woods. The management is entrusted to the brothers Emanuele and Daniele Colletta who, making use of the experience of past generations, give life to wines characterized by a strong territorial identity, produced by hand, respecting Nature.

1960s Land acquisition


It was the early sixties, when grandfather Giuseppe Colletta redeemed the land he had worked as a sharecropper, becoming its owner and embarking on a journey that leads up to the present day.

1970s The planting of Montepulciano

We had to wait until the seventies for the planting of a particular clone of Montepulciano, which still today represents a true clonal treasure of the company, in terms of quality and rarity.

1990s The company is born

In 1992, the parents of the current owners inaugurated the Clara Marcelli farm, which was immediately certified organic and oriented towards the valorisation of the native Piceno vines.A family story

2000s New cellar

2005 was the year the new cellar was built. Designed to minimize environmental impact, the structure has a large, modern winemaking room. 60% of the building surface area is underground, to help maintain internal temperature and humidity. Furthermore, it is equipped with a photovoltaic system that provides the energy necessary for the company's production process.

Recent years The new forest planting

Recently, 6 hectares of woodland have been planted, thus doubling the area dedicated to the forest. This choice allows us to limit the run-off of the land due to farming and to rebalance the consumption of CO2 generated by the use of mechanical means.

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