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Naturally handcrafted

Local wines from the heart of Piceno


Craftsmanship, rejection of pesticides and synthetic products, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and respect for biodiversity: these are the ingredients at the basis of our production philosophy.


Interventions in the vineyard are reduced to a minimum, and the harvest is carried out scrupulously by hand. Thus, we bring only the best raw ingredients to the cellar, selecting the grapes that have reached optimal ripeness.

Why Zero Waste

A family story

The history of the company is inextricably linked to that of our family, and to the love passed down for this land. The common thread between generations is represented by the refusal to use synthetic chemistry in the soil, a choice that has always guided our activity, allowing us to preserve and promote biodiversity.

Our wines

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Castorano, heart of the Piceno area

We are in Castorano, in the heart of the Piceno area, in the Pescolla district, among the green hills that outline the evocative scenery of the Marche.

Visits to the cellar

The Clara Marcelli winery is an "open" and multifaceted place. Here it is possible to live an immersive experience, visit the places where the wines are born and rest, guided on a sensorial journey by their creators.


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