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Craftsmanship, rejection of pesticides and synthetic products both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and respect for biodiversity: these are the ingredients at the basis of our production philosophy.


No synthetic chemistry. Starting from organic agriculture, we try to reduce interventions in the vineyard to a minimum, using only copper and sulphur.


The harvest is made strictly by hand, allowing us to select the best bunches and bring to the cellar only the grapes that have reached an optimal level of ripeness. Each single parcel is harvested separately.


The use of indigenous yeasts and the refusal of any synthetic product in the cellar are the basis of our winemaking process.


Expertise and the desire to experiment have allowed us to select different materials for the refinement of our wines. From stainless steel to wooden conical vats, from large barrels to second/third passage barriques, up to concrete wine-eggs.


This phase plays a fundamental role in the stabilization of the wine and the development of complex olfactory sensations. Once bottled, our wines rest in the cellar for long periods, which vary according to the different references.

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